Marriage Certificate For Foreigner

Wanna have your special day as a King and a Queen in Bali more special and enjoyable?
Please let us take care of your paper work for your marriage certificate so that you can lay back and relax, counting down to the days when you finally walk down the aisle with your significant other :)

Process now!

Documents we will need

  1. 2 Witnesses ID's
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Marriage Certificate from Religious Leaders / Believers / Copies of Court Orders
  4. Passport [Original]
  5. Passport (Page Photo) - Double Page
  6. Permit from The Representative of the Foreign Country Concerned
  7. Photo Side-to-Side with red Background 10pcs
  8. Photocopy of Divorce / Death Certificate if The Person Concerned has been Married
  9. Photocopy of Excerpt from The Child's Birth Certificate which will be Recognized / Legalized
  10. STM (Surat Tanda Melapor) Kepolisian
  11. Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal (SKTT) - Catatan Sipil

Once the process completed, you will get

  1. A Free Access to all your datas on Google Drive
  2. Instant Update on your account and by email
  3. Online Support
  4. A Warm Welcome when you visit us :)

For your information, Here are the steps we will go through for you

  1. Start Process
  2. Upload Documents
  3. Awaiting/Verifying your Documents
  4. This step is processed by Celerity within 1 days
  5. Processing Documents
  6. Upload Ready Documents
  7. Process Completed