Closing PMA

Closing a PMA is a delicate, and long process. Please start the process right now, and we will organize a meeting with our experts in our office.

Fee is not included the tax audit for closing the NPWP

Process now!

Documents we will need

  1. All Change Company Acta [Original]
  2. Company Acta [Original]
  3. OSS Username dan Password
  4. Share Holder ID Card

Once the process completed, you will get

  1. A Free Access to all your datas on Google Drive
  2. Instant Update on your account and by email
  3. Online Support
  4. A Warm Welcome when you visit us :)

For your information, Here are the steps we will go through for you

  1. Start Process
  2. Awaiting/Verifying your Documents
  3. Meet at the office
  4. Ijin Prinsip
  5. Copy of Documents taken to the Notary
  6. Notary processing the RUPS about the deed of company dissolution
  7. Signature for the RUPS about the deed of company dissolution
  8. Notary processing the Deed of company dissolution
  9. Notary processing the draft for the announcement on the Newspaper
  10. Announcement of company dissolution in mass media
  11. NPWP Cancellation
  12. Company dissolution completed