We Love Paperwork

A long line at the immigration office, a ton of paperwork and administrative procedure, is exactly what we love to do everyday. What about you?

Celerity process your visa and business documents fully online, with efficency and no hidden fees.

Paperwork is done swiftly!

With Celerity, most of the tasks are automatics, our high-end logistic autofil forms to be submitted asap to the institutions. Our Office is equipped with highest technology equipments like an optic scanner for passports that will grab, save and connect all relevant infos from your hand to our database. Great Logistic is the way we can provide the best service at the best price.

We love to be able to expedite the process, by being efficient while offering competitive rates.


Parabéns, você está começando sua própria empresa e escolha esta configuração LITE, pois você não precisa AINDA para processar todas as licenças necessárias para começar a vender e ficar visível. Com essa configuração leve, processaremos todos os documentos necessários da empresa, portanto, é o suficiente para patrocinar um kitas de trabalho e começar a configurar seu espaço de trabalho em Bali! Quando você estiver pronto para processar as licenças, avise-nos! Iremos em frente e preencheremos todos os documentos para você :)

Idr 34Mil All inclusive

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Consultoria contábil / tributária da empresa

Durante esta reunião de 1h, nossos especialistas sênior trarão soluções personalizadas para o seu negócio. Claro e direto.

Idr 1.5Mil All inclusive

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Trabalhando KITAS Onshore

O processo de trabalho Kitas agora pode ser organizado sem sair da Indonésia. Todo o processo será feito dentro do país. Não hesite em contactar-nos se precisar de mais informações sobre isso :)

Idr 14.9Mil +1350$usdAll inclusive

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Visa 211 Offshore

This is the Visa you need to visit Indonesia for social reasons and tourism. We will be happy to assist you to obtain a Social/Business Visa. It offers you the possibility to come into Indonesia, for 60 days.

275All inclusive

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Driving License 5 year for Motor Bike

Get a Driving License for 5 year, in a swift! With only need your KITAS, we will meet you at the police station once for the photo, and you are all set :) We really recommend you to ask a 5 years driving license and you all set to ride your bike and explore its hidden gems spread all over this beautiful country that the country has to offer.

Idr 2Mil All inclusive

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Escritório virtual

Escritórios virtuais e atendidos em Bali são excelentes soluções de negócios para empreendedores independentes, freelancers, nômades digitais, bem como para pequenas e médias empresas. O Virtual Office pode ser usado como endereço da empresa e também para fins de reunião uma vez por mês com duração de 2 horas.

Idr 10Mil All inclusive

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Establish your company in Singapore!

Looking further a bit, took us to Singapore. Safe heaven for entrepreneurs, best choice for Nomad and favorite destinations for a holding. 1000$sgd Capital, 1 shareholder is enough and others little requirements might bring your interest to establish your company in Singapore instead of Indonesia. Celerity created this option for you, 100% online as usual

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Become an Affiliate

Why not becoming an agent yourself? You think Celerity is a great business and what to be part of it? Easy. You know people who need our services? You know how to create facebook/instagram ads to provide our services to anyone in the world? Our services are fully online and available in many languages, so what are you waiting for? Enroll and get a commission for every order, life time, on all the customers you brought in.

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Rafi Papazian

Founder - Serial Entrepreneur - Tech Engineer

I am Rafi Papazian, the founder of Celerity Visa. When I arrived in Bali in 2011, starting a company was costly, delays were rarely respected, Hidden costs were constantly appearing, and promises were not upheld. As entrepreneurs, we have much better things to do than manage paperworks, so I have slowly created a system to connect institutions and organize the work. Celerity was born, a high end agency owned by a French Serial Entrepreneur and a Balinese succesful Entrepreneur.

Wayan Karmini

Director - Tax Finance Expert

I am Wayan Karmini, Balinese women. I was in the industry already 15 years when I met Rafi. We quickly noticed we are both hard workers, whatsapping each other at 2am in the morning. I love helping people for all the things a bit complicated like accounting/tax audit but also simply giving the right advise to tourists or entrepreneurs.


Customer Service

I do spek Englisss 🤣🤣 Yani was an English Teacher and has a great sense of humor. Naturally patient, he takes his time to sort and present information to customers. Don't abuse from his kindness, he has working hours to respect and a passion for drawing to practice :)


Customer Service

I am a geek, introvert, but I love people, yes true, but mostly I love Learning, things like administrative processes and various know-how to give the right advise to people. Last Friday I sent 640whatsapp during a day. Which is more than 1 a minute. Thanks to you I might do more tomorrow.


Administrative Processes Expert

Well, Ocha is beautiful but not only, graduated from university S1, she knows everything 🤣🤣 not really but she loves to learn. She is very competitive but look humble. Love to listen but like to talk, and most importantly give a lot of heart to accomplish all tasks, simple or complicated


Law, Tax and accounting

It is already 5 years I work with Wayan. I am her right arm. I am following up on all the regulations and law updates to make sure our knowledge and understanding are from today, not yesterday.



I will look to all your numbers with a great attention. I love columns and rows of numbers. Green pencil, red pencil. Highlight or fade what's important or insignificant. Most importantly, all your datas will be kept secret


Department of company establishment

I work at the second floor of our offices. You won't meet me but I am the one looking at your company, legal aspect mostly, checking what can be and can't be done, so your activity here in Indonesia is safe.

The whole team

We are all different, but one thing we have in common is that, we all, love paperwork, what about you? 🤣


Meet or talk to us anytime


Jl Sunset Road 105, Seminyak, 80361 Bali