Process now!

Documents we will need

  1. Certificate Land
  2. Director Id Card
  3. Director NPWP Card
  4. IMB
  5. ITR (Informasi Tata Ruang)
  6. KTP Land Owner
  7. Lease Agreement
  8. PBB Tax Copy Payment

Once the process completed, you will get

  1. A Free Access to all your datas on Google Drive
  2. Instant Update on your account and by email
  3. Online Support
  4. A Warm Welcome when you visit us :)

For your information, Here are the steps we will go through for you

  1. Start Process
  2. Checking Documents
  3. Company in Corporation Deed (Notary)
  4. Registration of the Court
  5. Processing OSS (Online Single Submission)
  6. Process NIB (Nomor Induk Berusaha)
  7. Operational License (Ijin Usaha)
  8. Commercial License (Ijin Lokasi/Ijin Lingkungan/Ijin Komersial)
  9. Upload Ready Document
  10. Process Completed