Visa 211 (Offshore)

This is the Visa you need to visit Indonesia for social reasons and tourism. We will be happy to assist you to obtain a Social/Business Visa. It offers you the possibility to come into Indonesia, for 60 days.

Let's start the process now, to get the E-Visa within 10 working
When the Visa in hand, you will still need Swab/PCR (Covid-19) Tests taken maximum 48 hours before your flight to come to Indonesia, make sure you have these documents and see you soon in Bali!

Process now!

Documents we will need

  1. Bank Statement 3 last months
  2. Passport (Page Photo) - Double Page
  3. Photo ID
  4. Vaccine Certificate (Full Doses)

Once the process completed, you will get

  1. E-Visa (English)
  2. E-Visa (Indonesia)
  3. A Free Access to all your datas on Google Drive
  4. Instant Update on your account and by email
  5. Online Support
  6. A Warm Welcome when you visit us :)

For your information, Here are the steps we will go through for you

  1. Start Process
  2. Awaiting/Verifying your Documents
  3. Preparing Application
  4. Application Ready
  5. E-Visa Processing
  6. E-Visa Ready
  7. Process Completed